The Chai Story

We’re all very proud of Danielle, our director here at CHAI Cooking – she doesn’t much like to talk about herself or her achievements so we’re going to do it for her!

Danielle gets things done. Properly.

When most of us see underdeveloped communities in Africa deprived of water, we give to charities and hope someone else sorts it all out. Danielle saw what was happening and decided to try to do something about the root causes. She studied Green Crime at Hull University, winning an award for her dissertation on the impact that the industrialised process of eating animals has on climate change. She’d realised that meat production doesn’t just cause environmental problems, resulting in famine and droughts in the poorest areas of the world – it also takes a hell of a lot of food and water to raise cattle instead of us directly eating plants!

How Chai came about

Danielle also met Dave.
She ate meat, he was vegan - she instantly went vegetarian.
After 4 years of been vegetarian, Danielle became vegan. She decided to make an app that would make it easy to become vegan.
Not only for the animals’ sake but for people and the environment.
She raised Spark-Fund grants for innovation and R & D.
...and CHAI arrived!
We help people not lecture them - to collaborate and invite friends to join their journey.
We’re creative and encourage others to be creative too - to invent recipes, publish them and help others change
We’re unique as we use food icons instead of photographs, meaning we can help our users transition from ‘meat eater’ to ‘plant-based eater’ without displaying animals as cooked meat.
We’re sometimes a little quirky.
We like that!
We promote animals as living, breathing fellow citizens of our planet. End of story.

Thanks Danielle! (and Dave).